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Grampian Defender

Grampian Defender

    happy haddock
    Mar 18 2009 08:51 PM
    fine ship in a dirty night.
    Hi John

    She is the former BUE Westray - cost $7,000,000 as a new build - 2002-06 OAO Kvaerner-Vyborg Verf - Vyborg (Hull) Yard/hull No.: 213 and 2002-06 Stocznia Marynarki Wojennej SA (Naval Shipyard Gdynia) - Gdynia.

    Full specs can be seen @http://www.craig-group.com/files/Fleet/Grampian_Defender/Grampian%20Defender%20Spec.pdf and a schematic of her @


    Steve E.

    Barry McCrindle
    Mar 18 2009 09:01 PM
    Looks better than the other North Star wrecks I was on, remember leaving Lerwick on the Hunter, bridge wings were in the water and the thing blacked out just after leaving, absolute pig of a boat
    yes shes one of the finer ships im the master i make sure shes in good nick she had been to dry dock in hull before that picture just new painted

    Barry McCrindle
    Mar 18 2009 09:09 PM
    Yeah I did my cadetship with North Star finished with them in 1999, had a blinder of a fall out with Sandy Macleoud in the office before I left them, but that a different story
    remember the good old days on the Gr. Pride Barry, You, Dougie the "chief" + steamboat Wullie.

    Barry McCrindle
    Mar 18 2009 09:40 PM
    Aye, whos that? remember Willie well poor old git gettin forced to go back to work because the tax man caught up with him
    is that the master bater you are john haha,all that queer films fits aboard ere,,,mine na chasin yer family awa fa the legs o at forties rigs ,,us just tryin t make a pound,,good fry o lemons in it for yi,,,just u swing yer head the other way fan u see us stemin the rig cuz :woodenspoon:
    my dad was skipper on her when dhe was bue westray
    hello brucie whats your dads name ? i know when she was bue & the sister ship i know of greame renstead & peter cowie was skippers of the sisiter ships . shes due in aberdeen tomorrow im going away 4 weeks never mind good weather its summer .