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azimuth propulsion

azimuth propulsion

me standing under azimuth pod for adams challenge - 2500 kW roughly ( wartsila)

    are you ever going to get your hands dirty and do some work sparky boy!!!!!!
    how life with the new company
    hear you have a cushy shift in dry dock just now  :woodenspoon:

    Marc McCrindle
    Mar 18 2009 02:07 PM
    Spain is going ok - weathers abit better, and as for working don't want to over do it - got my other job on the bajin to pace myself for. Just refloated this afternoon, so should move onto her Friday then off to sea for trials for a few days though still abit of work to complete so not be on charter for a month or so yet I'd think
    whats the adams challange like???

    Marc McCrindle
    Mar 18 2009 04:30 PM
    shes a dive support vessel - diesel electric with a power plant rated at just under 11000kW. ive posted another of her in dry dock. is this what you meant?
    aye spot on marc a thought she looked an affa size :woodenspoon:
    cant seem to find that one with the dry dock

    Barry McCrindle
    Mar 18 2009 04:44 PM
    Here's the link to the photo here Sandy
    thanks baz :woodenspoon: a fair ship right enough,,,,,bad day at the office on sunday for walter