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Towing , not sure if still same reg numbers ?

    not sure if same pants either lol  :woodenspoon:

    Fishermans Friend
    Mar 18 2009 11:03 AM
    WOW!!  Mind yer tea!!
    Hi John

    Great shot and yes she still carries the same Registration Number.

    #  Main Gear type :   PTB  - Bottom pair trawls
    # Secondary Gear type :  NO  - No gear
    # Hull material code :  1 - Wood
    # Year of Construction :  1989
    # Place of Construction :  MACDUFF
    # LOA :  19.90
    # Tonnage GT :  163.00 T


    Steve E.
    far did u take the photo fa thou johhny boy,,,doggin along side him in the speedwell,haha :woodenspoon:
    the crew s**t there pants
    What a cracking pic.  Top marks for this un,  O0 O0 O0 :milkybar:

    Adoration II
    Jun 15 2009 10:11 AM
    stand on end eh
    hard at it / unlike  yersell O0