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Guess Fa

Guess Fa

Can you remeber who this crowd is

    young ronnie
    Sep 30 2008 08:05 PM
    Well,I ken which one is me by the pointed hooter,and Cuz is the horny one..am I correct Lachie Mhor Beedie ?
    And the coakynut goes ti Young(ish) Ronnie

    young ronnie
    Sep 30 2008 09:09 PM
    There's far too much hair on Tonald there tae be a certain chentleman from over the water,but he's certainly got the build for him !!
    wheeesht you will be making him awfy restless

    young ronnie
    Sep 30 2008 09:14 PM
    Micht jist gie us a wave then?
    only if hes stopped bragging wi that blue backed beastie he is i huddin

    young ronnie
    Sep 30 2008 09:29 PM
    You can talk...posting pics o' three hunner box drags...now THAT'S what ye cry boastin' !!
    Only posted ats nearly afore my time that wis the boat wiz lost in 81 ,na boasting wid be the 550 boxes put doon i hold fae wan shot at the seine at bulger heads first tow o the week back in efter roundin the lot then back oot efter landin for 250ish the next een got one mair efter that 140ish and the week was called End of trip Tuesday nicht,nae back oot till i following Monday Mornin

    young ronnie
    Sep 30 2008 09:50 PM
    I just hope John(Trawlermen) Buchan's no reading this,he'll be fair jealous when all he's getting is black lol...by the way,when dae I get promoted I wonder.That counter has been stuck at 1 post since I started here...what have I done tae offend the Admin team !!!
    need ti post on the forum bittie ti get rid o that FO badge mind you FO wisz usually the answer if they shouted ti board yer boat followed by we hiv jist shot and the skippers in his bed haulin in five an a hauf oors